Services we offer

  • We offer a range of psychic and mediumship readings,
  • Coaching new life skills with a positive mental attitude,
  • Movement with very light yoga and for all abilities especially those who are immobile who wish to do some exercise but are unsure what to do.
  • Meditation for the mind and soul when your mind learns to slow down it is much easier to slow your body down ( this is the hardest thing I had to learn)
  • Energy and nutrition intakes - getting the best foods for you as you can.
  • Green Tree World is also offering you a membership site which will include extra support with a weekly/bi-monthly or monthly group chat.  This is only open to those who want to get better.  Its not going to be easy, but if you follow my proven steps learning what your body needs, I will show you it is possible to manage this condition, with fewer crashes and a more positive life.
  • I will support you to better understand yourself and regain some of your stolen life (not all of it).  You have to completely change your mindset if you are up for improving your life
  • JOIN NOW starting at £10  per month.  The founding members membership will never increase in price, and you can cancel at any time.

NB: I am not a doctor so my information is NOT a substitute for medical advice from your Doctor or any other Medical advice.


Green Tree World bringing hope and inspiration to those with CFS, ME and Fibromyaglia. As there is no cure at present time we have to help ourselves manage our condition safely and slowly as not to crash . We have to learn to say NO, and manage our own energy limits regardless of whatever others think of us. This can be hard especially if you have people around you who are negative, don't believe you or have no empathy as to what you are going though. At my previous employment I used to always get people saying "I'm tired, we're all tired!", "but you don't look sick!".  In their ignorance they never really wanted to know let alone show compassion .  People are soon quick to judge.  I just want to say to them "I never asked to be sick nor ever wanted to be", and I hope they never get sick like this.  It feels like no mans land. Life can be hard - your friends stop calling, people stop asking you out and eventually you find yourself on your own with only Fb pages filled with how ill people are and how much medicine they take. Its not a competition. On this site will are building a community of high vibe inspirational information. Practical ways to help you through your day. Some may see the information may seem very small and trivial, but to others it will make the world of difference. Feel free to share any practical or emotional support with us.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings

A reading using one or both modalities to give guidance or to connect  you with loved ones who have passed over. We offer to provide evidence and comfort, proof that your loved ones continue on into the world of spirit.  Love never dies! We always work with sensitivity, love and respect that some issues are difficult for those who are grieving.  Your reading can be in person or via Skype, and can be very comforting and cathartic in your strive to find inner peace.  Our sessions last approximately half an hour.

NB: For legal reasons I must state that whilst all readings are experimental in nature - it is for entertainment purposes only

Coaching new life skills with PMA

Get yourself into gear! We will be offering coaching courses and workshops either face to face or online, so everyone who wants to start to get their condition under control and keep it under control can.  Whether your range of activities is moving just an arm to those who are stable and just need some support and guidance.  Being well and staying well is tricky when you cant walk.  Depression, anxiety and stress soon creep in and under mind our own abilities to recover.  It does not matter how long it takes , just that you make a start and go slowly - very slowly.  Lots of factor inhibit ones ability to recover and start to regain some of your life back.  if you live on your own it can be doubly hard with a support system in place.  Just one person caring can make all the difference.  I want you to know -you are not on your own.

Energy and Nutrition

We will be adding here all the information relating to nutrition & dietary foods and supplements that you may find helpful, along with way to increase and keep your energy levels manageable.


Mind and Meditation


Excellent for slowing the mind down.  One of the hardest things I had to learn.  Here we will be up loading guided meditations that you can listen too.  The mind is one of the hardest things to shut down.  Our over active mind either doesn't work or is slow to react and respond coherently.  This can be the source of much frustration especially when you are fatigued - yes I mean fatigued not just tired!.  All of your muscles including your mouth, speech and mind run out of energy like the ever ready bunny advert.  Well I want you to know that  every hour, day, week and month that you strive to improve just doing one extra little thing.  It will help, some days it might not feel like it but it will help believe me - I have been there!

Movement for all

This is for everyone.  It involves some gentle stretching and chair yoga for those who are working at their own pace.

GTW Membership Group

Offering all sorts of useful tips and advice.  Plus a support group zoom chat every week/month/bi-monthly to support you.  You are not alone.  We are building a high vibe, inspiration community of ME, CFS and Fibro Warriors.  We are not victims, We are fighters!