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In mid 2016 I was diagnosed with CFS/ME. After returning from SE Asia in 2015 following a hepatitis A  booster jab, five days later I was displaying stroke like symptoms.  Being in a hospital waiting room on your birthday is not fun! and although in pain feeling sick and numb down my left side, after I had been checked by the triage nurse -whilst waiting for the on duty doctor I felt so ill I asked my friend to take me home.  The following weeks and months were fill with hospital appointments, blood tests and scans.  Faced with the awful long waiting time to see a neurologist to rule out MS I decided to pay for a private neurologist.  This; for the first time in a long while I felt assured that they would do everything they could to help me and  a few months later after the pain had transitioned around my body to every join, bone and muscle I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It took until the latter part of 2018 to even be able to think straight and in 2019 I was well enough to start helping other with this horrid syndrome. Being an Holistic therapist since 1996 I used every remedy and complimentary therapy known to man but it wasn't until I was introduced into frequencies and vibration that I looked at my essential oils from a different perspective.

Everything is energy, we are energy we all vibrate at approximately 70 Hzt.  When we are sick or ill our vibration lowered and our energy reduce.  Anything lower than 50 hzt and we become very unwell. It is by using organic essential oils that vibrate at different frequencies (along with eating the right high frequency foods) that our own body will start to increase  in vibration thus eliminating dis-ease and illness.  This I feel that this has had the biggest contributing factor in the improvement of my health.

I continue to use my Organic Essential Oils every day, one for my mental health (Restore) and one for pain (Balance).  I feel that by supporting you to eat the right foods organically grown, with meditation to change you brain waves and neurological receptors and light controlled exercise you will start to focus on your recovery.  You may need to collaborate with more health professionals as you receive more information.  We will take it light and slow!

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During all of this period of time it had been suggested that I should resume my spiritual development.  I had been attending a local Moot and another spiritual  development group.  It was here that I was learning about which path I was interested in following.  After a number of years of studying the pagan path I have casually fallen into a Holistic, Druid, Eclectic pathway but also developing my ever present psychic and mediumship skills.

So it was a number of years later that I fell ill.  I was lucky enough to be able to receive all the various healing modalities possible; reflexology, crystal healing, spiritual healing, reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy.  Almost a different treatment every week.  I went on spiritual retreats, practised meditation to still my mind to help my body get better.  And so it did, every so slowly improving a tiny bit each day.  I went back to work, had to fight a grievance at work, being the only disabled person in the office and quickly my health deteriorated again. BIG crash unable to get up, losing all ability to get sit up let alone stand.  It took a further 8 weeks to get back to some kind of normality and get back to work. Yes you've guessed it not long after returning to work I crashed again.  It was then that I decided never again. I had a long spell recovering and returned to work with reduced hours.

During this time friends stopped calling.  People stopped inviting me out (after having to cancel so many times due to my fatigue).  It became a scary sick world full of other sick people competing for 'who's has the most illnesses or who has the most medication.  I WANTED TO GET WELL, but everywhere I turned just showed me sick people.  THIS WASN'T ME.  I wanted my life back, I wanted to go travelling, go out with my friends do normal stuff, but - if you're reading this then I bet you can relate.

It was at this point that some of the new friends I had made from a retreat were looking into EMFs    - I worked for a large electrical distribution company.  But this time at work, with a change of seating environment and being placed under the air conditioning unit was the last straw! The cold air blasting out down the left side of my body was unbearable, that an all the negative people and their comments.  It was too much and I crashed again.

I looked further into my spiritual development.  I hadn't watched television in years mainly because I couldn't focus or concentrate for long.  I started listening to audio books as I had the same problem concentrating.  I started reading about frequencies and energies, about dimensions and all stuff relating to this subject.  I attended a spiritualist church to find some answers and became acutely aware of the spirit world.  I've always been different anyone who knows me will tell you that.  I've always had the belief in the spirit world knowing I was protected.  So connecting with them came easy- more on the Spirit World.