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Do you suffer from CFS, ME or Fibromyalgia?

Read on….. I’m going to offer  practical advice and solutions to everyday tasks so you can start living a more positive life!

Using  only top quality natural, organic high vibration vegetarian, vegan or ethically harvested products and essential oils from trusted suppliers.  Ingredients to help raise your  body’s vibration.  They can help your mental and physical health with the ability to reduce pain, depression and anxiety along with reducing fatigue and improve your nightly sleep.

Pink Atomisers for the mind.

Pink Calm for the mind, blended to ease anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression.

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Purple Serums for the body.

Purple Serums for the body.  Especially blended for joint, bone & muscle pain.


Organic deodorant

With organic products including a variety of organic essential oils to ease mind.

Connecting you with passed loved ones  offering to provide proof that life continues after death.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful healing rays of Spiritual Healing and Angelic Reiki, or wonderful Reflexology Sessions

Are you psychic, have a love of the Angels, or just want to expand your spiritual development?  Do you want to enhance your connection to spirit, kick start your mediumship or just want to connect to like minded people? click here

Recovery First Retreat

A new specially designed retreat for those with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia,  a five day rest and re-boot your system retreat. Learn new skills to keep a handle on your anxiety, how to cook quick nutritional meals with our special guest chef, engage in light yoga with breath work and have some nice meditations to help you sleep.  We will also be looking at how holistic products and services can help you manage your pain, recover quicker and crash less.

All in a positive supportive space.